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Cat5 32 Port KVM Over IP Switch

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Cat5 32 Port KVM Over IP Switch
RJ45 Cat5 Interface - 16 port KVM over IP switch (USB and PS/2 Dongles ordered seperately)
1 local, 1 remote IP console - switch supports a combination of PS/2, USB, SUN, and iMAC Servers
Distance from target servers - 40 Meters (130 feet), Select "Technical Specifications" for more information
IP Remote user via network / internet - Remote BIOS level access from anywhere
8 user profiles, create custom user profiles / access rights for specific KVM ports
Dual power with fail over - Click "HERE" to view or download PDF
Interface / Connection: Ethernet Cat5 via combination of PS/2 Dongles and USB Dongles
Integration Option - Integrate 32 port KVM over IP into a 1U rack mount LCD drawer
Cascade up to 8 levels - 256 servers (when adding 32 port switches)
Cat5 32 Port KVM Over IP Switch

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